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Evictions & Forclosures

Eviction Lockout.

We frequently work the police.

Eviction Lockouts

Eviction lockouts are a sad fact of the modern real estate market and economy, but a necessary service nonetheless.   Though this can be a difficult and upsetting process, we at Delta Lock and Key are well versed in the appropriate procedures and steps to  be taken for a safe and effective eviction lockout.

We have relationships and have worked with the Contra Costa Sherrif’s office as well as many local city police departments.   We are expertly skilled, fast and do our job with a smile and professionalism.  This unfortunate circumstance doesn’t have to be painful.  We’ll make sure of it!

Foreclosure Lockouts

Foreclosure lockouts often present troubling or unusual circumstances for locksmiths as you never know what or who you’ll run into when dealing with entryways to homes or other supposedly vacant structures.  Vagrants, homeless, squatters and drug related situations are not uncommon in foreclosed homes.

It is important to hire a professional locksmith service to address these critical and delicate situations.  Delta Lock & Key has the experience and familiarity with these situations to handle them appropriately, and/or to take the proper measures to ensure your lockout goes smooth and safe.